For visitors to ASU

Our recent visitors and collaborators include Drs. A. Melmed, R. Høier, J. Pacaud, U. Weierstall, M. Silverman and D. Saldin.

Some current and recent research students and post-docs include X. Zhang, W. Qian, W. Lo, Y-M. Huang, H. Kolar, M. Disko, G. Reese, M. Kim, S. Anwar, M. Lund, K. Neuman, R. Graham, D. Fathy, J. Lynch, J. Taftø, A. Olsen, M. Kuwabara and N. Yamamoto.

Like most departments, we are usually able to provide a desk, phone, staionary and e-mail etc for visitors. Our facilities include the instrumentation from the Center for Electron Microscopy (VG UHV STEM,Jeol 4000 HREM, Zeiss Omega, etc) with staff support, image processing and specimen preparation facilities.

Other Professors at ASU Physics include E. Bauer (LEEM), James Mayer (Epitaxy, MEIS), J. Venables (Surface science), J. Cowley, M. Scheinfien (Magnetic multilayers), P. Rez, P. Bennett, O. Sankey and I. Tsong (LEEM, Ions, STM).

The winters in Tempe are mild, and summer temperatures (June, July, August) may exceed 110 F (42 C). Motels near ASU cost about $60 per night, apartments are plentiful (about $500 per month) except perhaps in Dec, when the "snow-bird" tourists arrive from the US west coast.The nearest airport is Phoenix, about five miles from ASU.

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